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PremierCrew is a classification of fine wine in France. It has been second in line since the beginning. Always the underdog. Always surrendering to top Grand Cru  status. What no one noticed is that PremierCrew has learned from its mistakes. Always evolving. Always getting better. Forgetting about what has happened in the past and focusing on what is to come moving forward.

Wine bottles on shelves

With boutique lines of wine inspired clothing, PremierCrew represents Wine Culture in the Underground Fashion scene. 

We are Wine Cultured Street Fashion. 

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Ryan comes from a family of entrepreneurs and grew up in Florida before moving back to Ontario to pursue a career in the winemaking industry.  After graduating from the Winemaking and Viticulture  program at Niagara college, he went overseas to Europe to complete a vintage working at various establishments in England and in the Mosel. Upon his return in 2016,  he found himself in a position with the Wine Marketing Association of Ontario. It's there, where he contributed to the many successes of the VQA Wines of Ontario and Wine Country Ontario brands. Ryan now works as a consultants on many different front within the wine indsutry. 

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